Work Crew Spruces Up Sterling Bridge

posted Jan 3, 2013, 6:38 AM by News & Citizen   [ updated Jan 3, 2013, 6:44 AM ]

by Mickey Smith

   This fall the Morristown Highway Department did some work on Sterling Bridge (the red covered bridge near the intersection of Cole Hill Road and Sterling Valley Road).  After they were done, Morristown Highway Road foreman Roland Boivin hired the Lamoille County Department of Corrections Work Crew to remove the graffiti inside the bridge and repaint the doors and ends of the bridge.

   As part of the painting process, a rusty metal flower basket was removed so the painting could be completed.  Brian Shackett, who runs the Work Crew, said he saw value in the rusted flower bucket and thought it could be restored. Shackett said he knew he had a local artist joining the crew, so they took it back to the shop and planned on having her restore it.

   While it was down, the town offices began receiving calls from residents familiar with the bridge who wondered about the fate of the flower basket. Shackett said Boivin inquired about it, fearing it had been discarded, and was relieved to find out it was being restored.

   “I could see the fear leave his face and it was replaced with a huge smile,” said Shackett.

On Tuesday, December 11, Melody Cady, the artist responsible for the restoration, delivered the completed flower basket and it was placed back on the bridge.

Melody Cady (pictured below) helped restore a metal sculpture of a flower basket that adorns the Red Covered Bridge in Sterling.  Above: the basket made it back to the bridge earlier this month.