Wolcott Veterans Memorial

posted Sep 13, 2012, 8:48 AM by News & Citizen

by Andrew Martin 

   Work on the monument honoring all veterans who have served from the Town of Wolcott is moving ahead quickly. The Wolcott Veterans Memorial Committee has completed the collection of names that will be listed on the monument and is planning on having those names inscribed sometime in the near future.  

“We are ready to begin inscribing names on the monument right now,” commented Wolcott Veterans Memorial Committee member Lloyd Phelps, “We just want to be sure our list is complete first.” 

The Wolcott Veterans Memorial will honor any and all veterans from the town who have served in any branch of the armed forces beginning during the Civil War and running up through the present day. In order to include all veterans who have served, no matter when or where, the committee decided to split the listings up into different eras or time periods. While the list of veterans is nearly completed, the committee wishes to give individuals one more chance to have their name placed on the monument, to make any corrections, or to have their name removed from the list if they so desire. 

Seen below is a copy of the final list of veterans that will be inscribed on the monument if no changes are made by Tuesday, September 18. Anyone interested in making a change or adding a name can call Lloyd Phelps at 888-5931 and leave a message. The list seen below is grouped into the different eras that will be displayed on the monument. 

Along with finalizing the list of names the Memorial Committee has also been moving along with fundraising efforts. At this point roughly $10,000 have been raised by the committee to cover the estimated $27,000 -$28,000 needed to fund the monument. The Town of Wolcott has agreed to pay for whatever portion of the cost is not covered by the funds raised by the committee 

The foundation for the monument has already been poured near the Wolcott Town Offices, and according to Phelps the goal is to have the three stones of the memorial in place with the names inscribed by the end of the fall. A dedication ceremony for the monument has been tentatively scheduled for Memorial Day of next year. 

Wolcott Veterans Memorial List 


(1917 – 1918)

Billings, Glenn M.

Bishop, Elmer H.

Boardman, Dennis

Boardman, Ermine P.

Bruce, Archie R.

Bullard, Archie R.W.

Burnell, Harry P. 

Clark, Grant

Curtis, Olif E

Ellsworth, Julius C.

Flanders, Albert C.

Foster, Kenneth A.

Golden, Raymond H.

Griffiths, John W.

Hodgdon, Albert

Laber, Loyal M.

Lowell, George E.

Luther, Charlie E.

Luther, Edwin D.

Parront, Joseph N.

Richardson, Archie A.

Robbins, Raymond P.

Stoddard, Albin R.

Stoddard, Ernest C.

Tucker, Horace L.

Wilkinson, Bert R.

Woodmansee, Horace S.

Woodmansee, Max S.


1861 –1866

Andrews, John S.

Andrus, Mark L.

Bailey, Amos

Bailey, Franklin J.

Bailey, John W.

Bailey, Samuel A.

Bailey, Simon E. 

Baker, George W.

Bliss, George C.

Bliss, Samuel P. Jr.

Bolton, James K.

Brown, Albert B.

Brown, Fitch C.

Brown, George S.

Carpenter, Josiah B.

Chaffey, Russell J.

Colburn Henry H.

Colgrove, John S. 

Collins, Albert A.

Crane, Franklin A.

Crane, Porter C. Jr.

Currier, Israel I.

Darling, Alvara R.

Dorman, Anthony H.

Drew, Edwin S.

Drown, Edwin S.

Estes, Richard O.

Fairman, Erastus P.

Farnsworth, Ebenezer G.

Farr, John W.

Fisher, Gustavus

Freeman, Charles E.

Gifford, Charles E.

Gile, Samuel

Graves, James A.

Graves, Thaddeus O.

Guyer, Charles B.

Hubbell, Thaddeus P.

Jones, Charles

Jones, Harrison W.

Jones, Nathaniel K.

Jones, William H.

Kenney, Luke

Leach, Moses J.

Luce, Henry A.

Martin, William P.

McKnight, Carroll A.

Merrill, William P.

Merritt, Francis L.

Miller, Silas

Morey, Robert

Morse, Richard H.

Newell, Bruno

Nichols, Franklin

Nichols, Harvey

Nichols, Ulysses

Noyes, Charles G.

Pelch, John N.

Philbrook, Daniel C.

Pierce, Ira F.

Pierce, William A.

Pinney, Sherman S.

Poor, John H.

Potter, Almon J.

Putnam, Orin J.

Ransom, Charles W.

Robbins, Jacob J.

Sanborn, Ira C.

Sanborn, John H.

Sargent, John S.

Scott, Julian

Scott, Marcus D.

Smith, George B.

Smith, Hiram P.

Smith, Norman A.

Spafford, Samuel W.

Steen, James R.

Sweeney, Charles H.

Taylor, Aron H.

Taylor, Levi

Taylor, Marcus A.

Thayer, Alfred C.

Thompson, Leonard D.

Tillotson, Lester A.

Tillotson, Orlando M.

Titus, David K.

Vaughan, Isaac C.

Walsh, William W.

Warren, Philo

Warren, Russell D.

Wells, John C.

Wheeler, David H.

Wheeler, James E.

Wheeler, Marvin A.

White, George P.

Whitney, Abijah F.

Whitney, Alvah S.

Whitney, Charles W.

Whitney, Joshua S.

Whitney, Martin M.

Whitney, Newell

Whitney, Orrell

Wilson Warren J.

Woods, Horace

Woods, Luther

Wolcott Veterans Persian Gulf 

1990 to present

Allen, Stephanie D. 

Carpenter, Benjamin P. 

Carvalho, L. Whitcomb. 

Clark, James H. Jr. 

Clifton, Glenn S. 

Hurlburt, Jeremy J. 

Hurlburt, Justin C. 

Jones, Roy L. 

Judd, Ernest J. 

Lacoss, Phillip C.

Lafoe, Michele, L. 

Masse, Ronald E. Jr. 

Parkhurst, Travis M. 

Putvain, Travis S. 

Sargent, Roland D. Jr. 

Shedd, Thad B. Jr. 

VanDyk, Joel 

Whipple, Marcel E. 

Whipple, Ryan P. 

Wysowaty, Joseph Jr. 


1961 - 1989 

Aliff, James M. 

Allen Bradley E. 

Allen, Charles H. 

Allen, Dale J. 

Allen, David L. 

Allen, Kenneth F. 

Allen, Ronald

Andrus, Edward A. 

Andrus, Everett E. 

Billings, James E 

Boardman, Dalton O. 

Boardman, Patrick B.

Bohannon, Patrick B.

Boulais, Norbert W. 

Brown, Larry G. 

Cramer, Gary L. 

Deuso, Ronald H. 

Dyke, George C.

Earle, Merritt R.

Eldred, Keith A. 

Fleming, Leslie E. 

Gravel, Dean A. 

Gravel, Lucien G. 

Gravel, Marcel G. 

Gravel, Raymond E. 

Gray, Betty

Greene, Timothy R.

Harlow, Brent L. 

Harris, Mahlon F. 

Holton, David C. 

Hurst, Clifford F. 

Hurst, David A.

Jones, Raenold F. 

Kapusta, John W. Jr.

Kennison, Charles G. 

Kneeland, Glenn M.

Kneeland, James D. 

Lacoss, Scott M. 

LaMare, Randall P. 

LaMare, Raymond L. 

Lawson, Michael R.

Lowell, Donald A. 

Lowell, Edwin J. Jr. 

Lowell, Ronald A.

Martin, Frederick S.

McKearney, Kelly A. 

McKearney, Paul A. 

McKenney, David M. 

McKenney, John H. Jr. 

McKenney, Margaret E. 

McKenney, William R. 

Miller, Russell J. 

Morey, John W. Jr. 

Moseley, Daniel C. Jr. 

Phelps, John F. Jr. 

Phelps, Roland K. 

Putvain, Donald E. 

Putvain, William J. 

Randolph, Lenore M.

Reed, Clifton .A 

Reed, Dalton L. 

Reed, David A. 

 Reed, Edward D. 

Reed, Lawrence E. 

Reed, Terry L.

Reen, Jerome J. 

Rett, Kevin M.

Russell, Francis 

Russell, James O. Sr.

Russell, James O. Jr.

Ryder, Philip A. 

Sargent, Roland D. Sr.

Shatney, Reginald C. Sr.

Shedd, Michael A.

Shedd, Stuart M. 

Slayton, Jerry Jr. 

Smith, Donald F. 

Stoddard, Terry L. 

Sullivan, Wayne E. 

Sweetser, Erton I. 

Tallman, Loyd S. 

Tatro, Barry J. 

Tatro, Mark A. 

Tatro, Michael A. Sr. 

Turcotte, Paul J.

Whitcomb, Mason R. 

Williams, Douglas A. 


Adams, Ruth, E.

Alexander, Cleo E.

Andrus, Leon E.

Bartlett, Lawrence W.

Billings, Wendell R.

Bohannon, Everett C.

Brown, Edgar V.

Chaplin, Ralph E.

Cleveland, Roger F.

Collette, Clifford R.

Corrow, Robert J.

Crawford, Francis E.

Cron, Richard J. 

Darling, Leroy V.

Davis, Clarence E.

Dimick, Henry J.

Eastman, George R.

Eldridge, David A.

Eldridge, Mulford G.

Fisher, Manville K.

Fisher, Stanley H.

Foster, Earle H.

Foster, Gordon A.

Foster, Paul C.

Foster, Phillip W.

Gauthier, Alfred E. 

Godin, Romeo J. 

Grant, William G. 

Griggs, Walter J. 

Griggs, Wendell W. 

Guillete, John R. 

Harris, Richard W.

Hart, James P.

Houghton, Arden W. 

Hurst, Earle F.

Jones, Stewart M.

Jones, Wayne W.

Judge, John W.

Kennision, Wendell A.

Kneeland, Maurice B.

Laclair, John L.

Lafont, Kenneth W.

Lanphere, George A.

Lawson, Malcolm W.

Leno, Lloyd L.

Leno, Roy R.

Madore, Arthur D.

Manley, Cedric G.

Martin, Roger C.

McKinstry, Elmer L.

Moodie, Floyd K.

Poore, John C.

Putvain, Arthur H.

Putvain, Joseph F.

Randall, Clifford L.

Randall, Mason G.

Reed, Lionel E.

Reed, Malcom E.

Reed, Wendall B.

Reynolds, Robert E.

Richardson, Howard M.

Richardson, Lynn A.

Rivers, Gerald F.

Russell, Robert R.

Ryder, Percy A. Jr.

Ryder, Roy H.

Sabin, Merle W. 

Sargent, Daniel G. 

Shelsky, Robert R. 

Whitcomb, Urban W. 

Wilkins, Henry H. 

Willey, Clifton H. 

Willey, Harold A. 

Wood, Gordon M.

Woodmansee, Horace S. Jr. 

Korean War Veterans 

Allen, Lauran H.

Bailey, Garth L.

Bailey, Morton K.

Boardman, Prentice R.

Bowen, Edmund D.

Davis, Roy E.

Douglas, Lawrence J.

Eldridge, Rodney W.

Ellsworth, Gerold A.

Godin, Rene G.

Gomez, Bernard L.

Gomez, David M.

Graves, Everton R.

Graves, Robert L.

Green, Clarence H.

Greene, Raymond C.

Greene, Rolland A.

Harris, Cecil E. Jr.

Houghton, Earl S.

Houghton, Gordon K.

Hutchins, Kenneth C.

LeRiche, Benoit A.

Lowell, Harry E.

Lowell, Niel N.

Merchant, Lewis A

Miller, Charles E.

Miller, Francis E.

Moodie, Leo J.

Phelps, Edward N.

Phelps, Lloyd G.

Randall, Herbert A.

Reed, Cornelius F. Jr.

Richardson, Douglas N.

Shatney, Paul C.

Stearns, Lyle J.

Stearns, Melvin C.

Wallace, Gustin S.

Ward, Bruce E.

Wheeler, Robert R.

Young, Michael B.