Wolcott Purchases New Truck

posted Jun 27, 2013, 9:45 AM by News & Citizen

by Andrew Martin 

   Officials in Wolcott have finalized the purchase of a new town truck. Officials received the 2013 Western Star Tandem truck at the end of May and the town crew has now begun using it. In total, the town paid a sum of $144,133 for the new vehicle. 

The new 2013 Western Star, which was purchased from J & B International Trucks in Colchester, is replacing the 2005 International formerly used by the town road crew. According to Wolcott Selectboard Chair Belinda Clegg the repair bills on the 2005 International were continuing to climb and the vehicle had reached the end of its useful life. 

The new truck actually cost a total of $118,197. Town officials also decided to put a 14-foot side dump body on the vehicle at a cost of $60,745. The town also decided to purchase three extended warrantees on the engine, chassis and transmission of the new vehicle for several thousand dollars. However, the bill for the new Western Star was reduced by the fact that the town received a total of $42,300 in trade in value for the 2005 International. 

The Town of Wolcott normally pays for such purchases out of the Equipment Reserve Fund. Each year voters in Wolcott normally vote to place $55,000 in this fund. However, the town must make the final payment on the recently purchased excavator in August, meaning that this year there is not enough money in the fund to cover the entire purchase of the new truck. For this reason the town is borrowing a total of $46,000 from Union Bank to cover the remaining costs. The loan from Union Bank will be paid back over the course of the next two years, and the remaining balance on the truck will be paid in July.