Wing Work Slows Cadys Falls Bridge Completion Again

posted Sep 21, 2012, 12:32 PM by News & Citizen   [ updated Sep 21, 2012, 12:34 PM ]

By Mickey Smith

  Additional work will be needed to complete the rehabilitation project on the Cadys Falls Bridge, current estimates now push the opening of the bridge into October.

Vertical cracks were noticed in the wing wall during the original inspection, when that area was excavated to patch those cracks and create a catch basin for stormwater away from the bridge, the damage was found to be more extensive than originally planned.  Erosion was found to extend to the area under the bridge, causing the abutment to tip. Morristown Town Administrator Dan Lindley said in its current state there is practically no connection between the abutment and the rest of the wing wall.

Hopes were the bridge would open by September 27,  but this latest work is expected to extend the project another eight working days. The most recent estimate calls for work to be completed on October 9, with the bridge reopening on October 10. But in an email from CCS, the contractors on the bridge, state, “we may be able to do better.” Commuters hope so!

The downstream corner of the Hyde Park side of the abutment and wingwall of the Cadys Falls steel bridge was found to be a lot worse-for-wear 

than originally thought.  The area will have to be rebuilt and secured with rebar, adding another week plus to the project.           Courtesy photo