Tractor Supply Work Begins

posted May 9, 2013, 8:26 AM by News & Citizen

by Andrew Martin 

   Proof to residents of Lamoille County that Tractor Supply is coming to Morrisville is now incontrovertible. Work has begun on the site of the incoming farm and ranch supply store as crews work to level out the lot where construction will soon be beginning. Once completed the new store will be the Tractor Supply Company’s seventh location in Vermont.

The contractor for the project, Benchmark Construction of Westbrook, ME, first began work on the site on Monday, April 22. Mass grading work on the site is continuing at this point, with the building pad coming next followed by the footings and foundation walls. 

“As a growth minded company, Tractor Supply Company is always looking for potential new store locations that are a good fit as far as the target market is concerned,” stated Tractor Supply spokesperson Michael Graham via email, “Concerning the location in Morrisville, this is especially true in that the area was attractive due to the part-time and hobby farmers, and horse owners in the area. The TSC product category expertise includes lawn and garden and animal care products that service the needs of these customers.” 

The Morristown Tractor Supply store is located at the address 88 Center Road and will sit at the corner of Center Road and Route 15, across the state highway from the McMahon Chevrolet Buick dealership. Once completed and open the new store will employ 12 to 17 full- and part-time employees. A completion date for the construction work on the store has tentatively been set for September of this year, when a soft opening will also occur. The grand opening will be held at a later date. 

When the conditional use permit for the Tractor Supply store was approved by the Morrisville DRB the plans for the store called for a 38,000 square foot retail space which would be divided up into an approximately 19,000 square foot indoor store and an additional 19,000 outdoor retail space. The store will also include support service space, and the outdoor retail space will be fenced in. In total the parking lot for the store will be able to accommodate 85 vehicles. 

As part of their conditional use permit Tractor Supply will also have to meet several stipulations, including the placement of a sidewalk along Center Road and Route 15, directional LED lighting in the parking lot, and a truck exit that will form a four-way intersection with Langdell Road behind the new building. The only entrance and exit from the store for customers will give access to Center Road. No Route 15 entrance was approved for the project.