Survey on Lake School Future

posted Jun 12, 2014, 9:37 AM by News & Citizen
     by Mickey Smith

     The Elmore School District is asking the residents of Elmore for their opinion regarding how the school could best provide an education to students in the future.
     The survey asks residents to rank three options, the first being keep the status quo – choice for grades seven to 12 and kindergarten and upper grade elementary students going to Morristown Elementary School. The second option is exploring strategies to manage tuition costs, such as designating a school in exchange for a negotiated rate. The final option listed is change in governance, by merging with another school district such as Morristown.
     This survey is not a binding vote, instead the board is looking for direction to study the most popular option among the residents.  The Board explained after meeting – the message given was very clear that the increasing price of education needs to be addressed. 
     To take part in the survey on-line, complete it at: