Rumble Strip Repair Twice the Cost of Original Cuts

posted Jan 3, 2013, 6:38 AM by News & Citizen   [ updated Jan 3, 2013, 6:45 AM ]

by Mickey Smith

The dark spots show filled in rumble strips on Route 104.

   Neighbors listening to cars running over rumble strips down the center of the road on Route 104 near the Route 15 intersection complained about the noise, and now others may complain about the cost to try to fix the noise issue.

   The original grooves were cut into the area between the yellow lines on a 10,311 foot stretch at a cost of $23, 978.45 (according the Vermont Agency of Transportation this works out to $2.33 per depression cut).  To date about 950 grooves have been refilled at a cost of $41,985.75 (about $44.20 per depression filled).

   According to information provided by Ken Robie, program manager for the VTrans Program Development Division, more depressions may be filled, but the project was put on hold due to weather constraints and “to give us an opportunity to determine if the fix has accomplished the desired outcome (noise reduction).”

   The original rumble strips were installed with a machine designed for that purpose, but to refill roughly every third strip involved “labor intensive hand work,” according to Robie.

   “The rumbles that have been filled were filled with a hot poured modified polymer asphalt binder with lightweight aggregate, that was poured into the rumble strip depression after existing line striping was sandblasted out, and edges ground vertical in the depressions.”

   Robie went on to say the original rumble strips were installed incorrectly and this remediation work has been done to comply with the original designs.