Pretrial Conference for Bryer-Based Lawsuit

posted Mar 7, 2013, 8:09 AM by News & Citizen

by Mickey Smith

   A pretrial conference is scheduled for the Rutland District Courthouse on Wednesday, March 13, in the case against the Lamoille South Supervisory Union regarding the Shaun Bryer sexual assault.

The case was filed on behalf of the victims of the sexual assault and alleges they “suffered severe and permanent psychological harm and emotional distress” as a result of the negligence of the Morristown Elementary School Principal at the time, Frederika French, and the two Lamoille South Superintendents during the time, Alice Angney and Tracy Wrend. It also alleges costs were incurred for their care and treatment, causing a financial loss and the suffering of severe emotional distress as a result of the negligence.  

The Lamoille South Supervisory Union is being represented by Pietro Lynn.

No trial date has been set in the case that was filed in September of 2011, about two years after the former Morristown Elementary School teacher was arrested for assaulting two young boys and just a few weeks before Bryer was sentenced to 12 years in prison. The victims are represented by Kerry DeWolfe and Richard Rubin.

Court documents show subpoenas have been filed for documents, information or objects from Lamoille County State’s Attorney Joel Page, as well as from “BCF/Family Services Morrisvillle,” which based on other court documents appears to be the Department for Children and Families (DCF).

The case against the school alleges the supervisory union did not report their concerns to the family of the victims.