Pinsly Manor Development on Hold

posted Oct 11, 2013, 12:35 PM by News & Citizen
       by Andrew Martin

      Those working to make a new proposed housing project in Morrisville a reality have recently received both good and bad news. The application for a Conditional Use permit by the company spearheading the project, G&D LLC, was officially approved by the Morristown Development Review Board on August 22. However, that decision is being appealed by a neighbor to the project, meaning that the case will now go to the local environmental court.
The proposed housing project is being called Pinsly Manor and would be located off Brooklyn Street on a 4.1 acre parcel of undeveloped land owned by Pinsly Railroad Company. It would contain a total of 29 units consisting of one single family home and 14 duplexes. The lot earmarked for the project is located next to Brooklyn Heights and would have access to Brooklyn Street via a right-of-way. The private access road that would sit on this right-of-way would be shared by the residence of Doug and Bev Corrow, and it is they who have appealed the decision by the Morrisville DRB to approve the application for the Conditional Use Permit for the project.
      Along with their Conditional Use Permit, the applicants involved with the project also applied for and received a Waiver for Minimum Setback Relief and Site Development Plan Approval. The DRB first considered the project at their July 25 meeting, conducted a site walk on July 30, and again considered it at their August 8 meeting before closing the public hearing on the application on August 22 and approving the application.
      The Corrows’ appeal means that the project will be delayed for an unknown amount of time. How long the appeal takes will depend partly on how many parties file for party status on it. According to Morristown Zoning Administrator Todd Thomas, the Town of Morristown has filed party status on the appeal in order to defend the DRB’s decision to approve the Conditional Use Permit.
      “Given what the town plan calls for, this project is exactly what we want in the village,” explained Thomas via phone interview, “It is actually really similar to Brooklyn Heights, with similar lot sizes and the number of residences…”
      Along with the appeal to their Conditional Use Permit G&D LLC and Pinsly Railroad Company must also apply for various state permits. Once all the proper permits for the project are acquired the actual ownership for the lot will officially transfer from Pinsly Railroad Company to G&D LLC.