Peanut Butter for Life?

posted Oct 11, 2013, 12:33 PM by News & Citizen
      by Mickey Smith

       The Vermont Peanut Butter Company (VPBC) is offering a unique deal for people interesting in investing in the company's new single serve packs, they are making a second attempt at rolling-out.
      VPBC President Chris Kaiser said they originally began working on the single serve pouches they are calling “Pack It” back when the company was located in Waterbury.  He said they had purchased some packages and had some of the equipment in place at the time Hurricane Irene hit and destroyed everything. The loss was not covered by insurance, so they found themselves back at square one as they try to have the pouches available for the holiday season.
      In order to meet this goal, Kaiser said they are trying to raise $50,000 in funds and are offering investors two collectors edition Mason jars that offer free refills for life for a tax deductible donation of $1,000.  The Mason jars will be etched with the VPBC's logo and Kaiser said investors/buyers can refill them each week if they so choose.  The jars are individually numbered and are only available through this investment offer.
      In the first two days of the offering, Kaiser said they had received pledges for about an eighth of the 50 jars. He said they are trying to keep this offer local.  He said he has received inquiries from out-of-state, but would like to keep this available to his local clientele who have been very supportive of the company.
      VPBC moved to Morristown after the remnants of Hurricane Irene flooded their Waterbury production facility.  Currently they make and ship the peanut butter on Munson Avenue in Morristown, where they also have a factory store.
      For more information about Vermont Peanut Butter Company or their investment opportunity, call (802)244-5955.