New Farm Stand Prepares to Open

posted Jun 27, 2013, 9:44 AM by News & Citizen   [ updated Jun 27, 2013, 9:45 AM ]
by Andrew Martin 

   Locals looking for homegrown produce and goods will soon have a new and improved option. Tony and Joie Lehouillier, the owners of Foote Brook Farm in Johnson, are nearly ready to open their revamped farm stand on Route 15 just west of Johnson village. The new Foote Brook Farm Stand will officially be opening on Friday, June 28.

“The new stand has been in the works for many years now,” stated Joie Lehouillier via email. 

Lehouillier went on to explain that Heather Bushey, who has served as the Retail Manager for the stand for the last 19 years, was instrumental in moving the project forward. Bushey drew out all the plans for the new stand and spent countless hours organizing and planning it in order to make the dream become a reality. 

“It’s that kind of love and dedication that makes farms like ours successful!” stated Lehouillier. 

The timber frame for the new stand building was constructed over the winter by Cold Hollow Timber Works and stand employee Jaime, Hugh Johnson, and Foot Brooke Farm employee Puck Robinson. Locals visiting the new stand will have the option of purchasing a wide variety of produce as well as other food and local products. 

“We will be offering all our 145 different varieties of vegetables along with some local dairy, meat, eggs, bread, and any other locally made products I can get my hands on,” explained Lehouillier. 

The new stand will be open seven days a week from 9 a.m. until 6 p.m. through the month of October. Along with Retail Manager Heather Bushey, the stand also employs two other individuals who will run the day to day operations. 

The old farm stand for Foote Brook Farm was first begun in the 1990s as a place to sell sweet corn. Tony Lehouillier’s mother, Polly, ran the stand until 2007, selling the vegetables out of her own garden. Tony and Joie took it over at that time and began selling their own certified organic vegetables along with locally produced meat and eggs. The stand quickly became very popular amongst locals and those passing by on Route 15. The success of the old stand helped lead to the plans to open the new and improved version.

“This new stand will allow for much more parking and easier access than the old location,” explained Lehouillier, “This stand will provide some very much needed access to basic food for this community.” 

While the new farm stand is one step forward for Foote Brook Farm, it is not the only one planned. 

“We have lots of dreams for this location!” stated Lehouillier, “A new greenhouse will be attached… hopefully by next year…” Other plans for the location include a playground and a garden where people may pick their own herbs and flowers. Joie explained that she and Tony are also open to other ideas that could help improve their farm and business.