Morrisville Finishes Up Fall Paving

posted Nov 29, 2012, 8:58 AM by News & Citizen   [ updated Nov 29, 2012, 9:11 AM ]

Fall paving and repair work to several Morristown roads and streets took place over the last few weeks. Above work is done to the shoulder of Randolph Road on Friday, November 16. RandolphRoad was one of the major town highways that received attention this fall.                                      Smith photo 

by Andrew Martin 

Fall paving in Morristown is drawing to a close. Pike Industries, the contractor hired by the town to do the job, recently resurfaced and worked on several roads in the town. The repaving work took place beginning in early November. 

According to Morristown Town Administrator Dan Lindley the main portion of the paving took place on Randolph Road. The project involved approximately 1.17 miles of Randolph Road being repaved from the Route 100 intersection to about where the intersection with Fitzgerald Road lies. Additionally, 300 feet of Washington Highway was also resurfaced, and several patches were applied on Elmore Street. The final step in the project was completed late in the week of November 16 when shoulder work was done on Randolph Road. More work had initially been scheduled for 2012 but has been pushed back. 

“We had also been scheduled to repave Cadys Falls Road this season,” explained Lindley, “However, there are a lot of trucks working on the bypass using that road and for that reason we are going to wait till those trucks are done hauling. The repaving of Cadys Fall Road will now happen in the spring.”

Cadys Falls Road is not the only town highway that has seen its repaving pushed back. Randolph Road had originally been scheduled to be resurfaced in the spring or summer of this year, but the town delayed that portion of the project in order to conduct other work on the road during that time period. 

“We often try to pave in the spring or summer, but we had to replace several culverts and do some other patching jobs in order to get Randolph Road ready for the actual repaving,” explained Lindley, “It wouldn’t have done the town any good to repave the road and then learn that the culverts had to be fixed.” 

Lindley went on to explain that no other resurfacing work is scheduled for any Morristown roads for the remainder of the 2012 season. 

‘We got lucky with the warm weather so late in the year,” stated Lindley, “The town appreciates everyone’s patience while we have conducted a great deal of work out there.” 

According to Lindley the cost of repaving Randolph Road and Washington Highway was approximately $188,000.