Morrisville Bypass Forging Ahead

posted Aug 15, 2013, 10:37 AM by News & Citizen

by Andrew Martin 

   Work to the long-awaited Route 100 bypass in Morrisville is moving ahead on schedule as summer speeds along towards fall. The bridge spanning the Lamoille River is quickly taking shape, and workers from Winterset, Inc. are also expanding the scope of their work on the roadway portion of the project. 

“The bridge should be pretty much complete by Thanksgiving,” explained Bob Sukert, who is the Vermont Agency of Transportation’s resident engineer for the project. 

Sukert also explained that the steel is now in place for the bridge, meaning that Winterset can now begin installing the decking for the structure. Once that process is complete, they can begin pouring the concrete deck, a process that should take about a month. The installation of the curbing and bridge rail will follow the completion of the deck before the paving of the bridge takes place. 

According to Sukert, employees of Winterset are currently working on several aspects of the roadway portion of the project, most of which deal with laying the sub-base of the road. One example is just north of [the] Morristown Corners [turn], where the excavation of a slope to create the road base has begun. As a result of this work, one lane of Route 100 will remain closed during the day, with flaggers directing traffic around the site. Work to build up the fill of the roadway near the Bishop Marshall School will also be taking place at the same time. 

Work is also taking place to install a large box culvert in the ravine near Professional Drive. The pieces of that culvert are being manufactured separately and installed as they arrive in Morrisville. According to Sukert the culvert should be completed sometime in mid-September, and the fill over the culvert should be in place by the end of October. 

Further work that should be starting soon includes blasting in the area of the roadway near Wabun Avenue and Bridge Street. 

The work to lay the sub-base and groundwork for the roadway will continue throughout the rest of the 2013 construction season. 

“We will be cutting and filling throughout the scope of the project until the cold weather hits,” explained Sukert. He went on to add that most VTrans projects normally resume in mid-April, meaning that work to complete the roadway portion of the project will pick back up around that time in 2014.