Morristown Downtown Continues to Rebound

posted Apr 4, 2013, 11:23 AM by News & Citizen   [ updated Apr 4, 2013, 11:34 AM ]

by Andrew Martin 

MORRISTOWN – The downtown area of Morrisville is continuing on an upward trend. Several more of the buildings in the downtown area have been or will be purchased and renovated in the near future, continuing a recent recovery phase that the area has been undergoing after several years of trending downward. 

“We are really excited about the progress,” stated Morristown Zoning Administrator Todd Thomas, “According to one consultant for the Morrisville Co-op (MOCO) we have the strongest economy outside Chittenden County in Vermont.”

Thomas pointed to several new businesses that will be moving into formerly unoccupied buildings in the downtown area to support this statement. The purchase by Jim Goldsmith and Kim Kaufman of the former train station that once housed Melben’s Restaurant will soon be finalized. Goldsmith and Kaufman, who own the Blue Donkey in Stowe, plan to open a new restaurant in the building during the coming summer. 

Gary Bourne is also finalizing his purchase of the unoccupied building next to the Morristown Town Offices. According to Thomas the plan that Bourne has for the building calls for retail space on the ground floor and six apartments located on the upper floors. The environmental work for the Arthur’s project will also be commencing in April, and the former Malarkey’s building is now owned by the United Way and is home to a United Way program with three apartments, as well as ReSource. Thomas further explained that since he has joined the team at the Morristown Town Offices he has also seen businesses like Buried Treasure open up in formerly empty buildings. 

“I’m pretty excited about the downtown,” stated Thomas, “The economy has improved... the zoning regulations in the downtown are very business friendly right now and people are responding to that.”

Thomas continued on that line of thought by explaining that Housing Vermont, one of the partners in the Arthur’s project, was willing to become involved with the project due to the friendly zoning regulations and lack of lengthy permitting processes in Morrisville.

 “The new downtown zoning regulations are definitely drawing people and businesses,” stated Thomas. 

Thomas also explained that to him the improvement in the downtown situation for Morrisville is summed up in the amount of new housing now available. Along with the planned apartments in the former Arthur’s building and in the building about to be purchased by Gary Bourne new apartments have also recently been added over Chuck’s Bikes, in buildings owned by Roland Yost, and in the Buried Treasure building. 

“To my knowledge these are the first new apartments that have received zoning permits since the mid-90’s,” stated Thomas, “This is new residential growth we haven’t seen in years. For me new residencies translate to more people utilizing the downtown.”

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