Jeffersonville Moves Forward with Real Estate Buy

posted Jan 24, 2013, 10:14 AM by News & Citizen

by Andrew Martin 

Work by officials in Jeffersonville to purchase the village lot owned by Jolley Associates has continued on into 2013. The agreement stating that the village would purchase the lot from the Jolley Associates for the price of $402,500 was signed in January of 2012. The 4.2 acre parcel is being purchased in order to prevent development in the village that could cause more flooding. 

“We are currently in a holding pattern,” stated Jeffersonville Board of Trustee Chairperson Tammy Fenton, “A Phase II Brownfield Study has been conducted on the site and we are waiting for the soil tests on the lot to come back.”

According to Fenton the final deadline to purchase the property will be determined following the report on the Brownfield Study, which is being conducted by the Lamoille County Planning Commission and an outside firm. Samples of the soil and groundwater have already been taken and sent to the lab. The purpose of the study and samples is to better inform the village leaders of any potential hazardous substances or sites on the land and to allow the trustees to make an informed decision on the purchase or any potential cleanup needed. Both the Village of Jeffersonville and Jolley Associates have agreed to wait on the final report for the study before finalizing the purchase or performing any other necessary work.  

“We have been working very well together,” commented Fenton. 

She went on to explain that the final report on the Brownfield Study should be available sometime within the next month. Initial work on the Brownfield Study began in August.

Thus far the trustees and other involved parties have raised and procured grants and donations in the amount of $282,238 out of the necessary $402,500 to purchase the lot. According to Fenton the groups working to raise money for the purchase have more fundraisers planned and more grants they will be applying for. In addition to the money raised, the voters in the Village of Jeffersonville have also approved the use of up to $75,000 in village funds for the purchase if it is needed. 

“It is our intention to raise the entire total of $402,500 for the purchase and to not use the $75,000,” stated Fenton, “We don’t want to use the voter-approved funds, but Jolley Associates asked for that clause in the purchase and sale agreement.” The $282,238 in grants and donations combined with the $75,000 in voter-approved funds brings the total available funds for the purchase at this time to $357,238. 

“We want to thank everyone for continuing their support,” stated Fenton, “We are doing our best to get this accomplished as soon as possible.” 

Anyone wishing to donate money toward the purchase of the lot can do so by sending funds payable to the Village of Jeffersonville to P.O. Box 189, Jeffersonville, VT 05464. Anyone wishing to learn more about the purchase of the lot can also contact the Village of Jeffersonville Office by phone at 644-5534 or by email at