Hyde Park Receives Road Grants

posted May 2, 2013, 10:14 AM by News & Citizen

by Andrew Martin 

   The Town of Hyde Park has received another grant to help maintain the town’s roads. Town officials recently learned that Hyde Park has been selected by the Vermont Agency of Transportation (VTrans) as the recipient of a High Risk Rural Road grant for 2014 for the North Hyde Park Road. The grant for next year marks the third year in a row that Hyde Park has received one of these grants from VTrans. 

Hyde Park received the first High Risk Rural Road grant in 2012 for the Garfield Road. This year the town will be using the grant for projects on Cricket Hill Road, and next year funds from the grant will be used on the North Hyde Park Road. 

The main purpose of the High Risk Rural Road grants is to provide signage upgrades on certain town roads. The new signs are larger and more reflective and are placed in the areas required by federal standards. The grants also provide funding for the realignment of some guardrails if such work is needed. 

“So far this program has worked well for the town, not only in the initial cost of the signs but also in assisting drivers by better warning them of sharp curves, intersections, and speed limits,” stated Hyde Park Town Administrator Ron Rodjenski. 

Rodjenski also explained that VTrans awards the contracts for the work to be done as part of the grants, hiring the private contractors and overseeing the work. According to Rodjenski the state pays 100 percent of the costs for the purchase and installation of the signs and any guardrails. However Hyde Park has provided assistance in the past for the projects in the form of a day or two of work from the town road crew in the form of brush clearing or the re-grading of road sides. 

According to Rodjenski officials in Hyde Park have not received word on when work on the Cricket Hill Road will be taking place this year.