Hyde Park Continues Work to Merge Town and Village Plans, Laws

posted Nov 29, 2012, 9:22 AM by News & Citizen   [ updated Nov 29, 2012, 9:36 AM ]

by Andrew Martin

   Town and village officials in Hyde Park are continuing to work to combine the plans for the future of their municipalities. On Thursday, November 8 a public hearing on the creation of the 2012 Town and Village Comprehensive Development Plan was held as part of the Hyde Park Selectboard meeting. 

The proposed new plan would combine the existing town and village plans into one comprehensive document. Vermont statute requires that a town or village’s development plan be updated every five years, and the Hyde Park Planning Commission just recently finished that process for both municipalities in Hyde Park. The new plan that will result from the proposed combination of the two separate plans will mean that only one document will need to be updated every five years while also bringing the two plans into agreement. 

At the November 8 public hearing no major errors or required changes were found with the proposed combined plan. This means that a second hearing will be held as scheduled on December 12 as part of the Hyde Park Village Trustees meeting. At that meeting the Village Trustees and Hyde Park Selectboard can vote to officially adopt the new plan, thereby creating one planning and development document for both municipalities. The second joint meeting on the new town and village plan will be held on Wednesday, December 12 at the Lanpher Memorial Library beginning at 7 p.m. 

According to Hyde Park Planning Commission member Greg Paus the creation of the 2012 Town and Village Comprehensive Development Plan will not be the end of the work in that area. Officials in Hyde Park have submitted an application for funding that if approved will help the planning commission rewrite and combine the zoning bylaws for both the village and town.

“We plan to take a fresh look at the bylaws and will likely be completely rewriting them rather than simply combining the old laws,” explained Paus, “The new joint bylaws will reinforce the goals in the new town plan and will make dealing with the bylaws in Hyde Park much less confusing.”

Paus further explained that Hyde Park Town Zoning Administrator Ron Rodjenski has ideas for the new bylaws, and the town will also be working with Seth Jensen at the Lamoille County Planning Commission, who will be acting as the professional consultant for the project and ensuring that the new bylaws stay in conformance with state statutes. According to Paus it should take about a year to rewrite the bylaws once Hyde Park officials learn if their request for funding has been granted. A series of public hearings would be needed before the bylaws were officially approved and adopted.