How Real is this Doom & Gloom?

posted Jan 17, 2013, 9:33 AM by News & Citizen

Things Look This Way to Me; an Editorial by J.B. McKinley published on 1-1-12

Since the 2008 recession/financial crash/depression how bad are things for the greater Morristown area? With the years’ long slow economy and the recent national election that seemed to focus on less than happy thoughts, one would think Lamoille County is near the bottom of a road that is sloping so slightly that we can’t tell if we are on our way up or down. But are things that flat?

No, I don’t think so. Here’s why I think our little Vermont world may not be so bad. What comes to mind are not provable reasons they are all just gut reasons for you to perk up a bit. Put a little grin before you complain.

 First, everyone says things are OK. They are not really bad; they just aren’t getting better quickly and no one is predicting “great” things. No one has had a huge raise. No one has gotten better benefits. No one has gotten cheap insurance. No one has claimed they had really fantastic sales. But I haven’t heard of a lot of people being fired. I haven’t heard of people being forced to move away.

Then, though the village has empty buildings in need of help and tenants, outside the village, new businesses have come to town or are coming (VT Peanut Butter, Tractor Supply). Businesses are growing and rebuilding (Manufacturing Solutions Inc., Aubuchon, Maplefield’s). The state and towns are investing in infrastructure, witness the bypass, Varnum, Johnson, Hyde Park, and Morristown library buildings, bridge work, Johnson Main Street, the rail trail – even safety roundabouts. Towns have built new soldiers memorials and are paying attention to local historical societies. Taken as a whole Lamoille County must look pretty good compared to two decades ago or even compared to 10 years ago. Morristown has River Arts, the Lamoille County Players are active in Hyde Park, Wolcott has Wolcott Ballet, Stowe has fine arts venues, teaching and visual art galleries as does Johnson, and Cambridge is loaded with visual art.

Sure, there’s grumping to be done. When can’t you complain? I, for one, am the correct age for it, but things aren’t so bad. No need to get a hangover over things this New Year’s. Simply toast the way things are and work for the better in 2013. Hope for a raise, a new contract, or a great sales day. Work for your kid’s school. Consider volunteering. There are many opportunities to make things better.

Goodbye 2012! All is well.