Home Energy Audit Open House

posted Oct 11, 2013, 11:25 AM by News & Citizen   [ updated Oct 11, 2013, 11:26 AM ]
by Mickey Smith

MORRISTOWN – The community is invited to an open house at the home of Marci Young, 52 Fairwood Heights in Morrisville, from 5 to 7 p.m. for a demonstration of a blower door test, as well as to learn more about getting a home energy audit completed on your house.
      Steven Gruner, of Sisler Builders, will be on hand to answer questions about all of the benefits, both in monetary savings as well as a reduction in energy consumption, of doing the work that can be found to button up your home through an energy audit.
      Morristown's Energy Committee is trying to make a push to get people signed up for an energy audit before the end of the year. The committee felt this was a great time to encourage people to look into changes they could make to button up their home, as winter fuel consumption is on everyone’s mind right now.
In 2008, the State of Vermont set a goal of improving the energy efficiency of at least 20% of the homes in Vermont (roughly 80,000 homes) by 2020. The hope is this would reduce the annual fuel needs and bills in those homes by 25%.
      A home energy audit costs about $500. There is a $100 rebate for the audit and a special bonus of $500 if you can get the work advised by the audit done by December 31.  Homeowners are also able to get up to $2,000 back after the work is completed. Kelly Lucci, of Efficiency Vermont, said in order to be eligible for this added money the energy consumption is checked at the start of the project and then again at the end and the actual amount of the rebate, up to $2,000, is based on the savings realized from your work.
      Anyone planning to attend the Open House is asked to RSVP by calling Marci Young at 888-3914 (or by email at  hundredrides@yahoo.com.
      For more information you can also visit,  www.efficiencyvermont.com.