Green Mountain Sports & Power Play Sports Merge

posted Aug 9, 2013, 11:10 AM by News & Citizen   [ updated Aug 9, 2013, 11:13 AM ]

by Mickey Smith

       Saying it was time for young blood to lead the business into the future, Green Mountain Sports owner Rosaire Levesque announced he has sold his store to Caleb Magoon, owner of Power Play Sports. Both businesses hold down spots on Portland Street in Morrisville.
      Last Friday, August 2, the contents of Green Mountain Sports was moved to its new home in the former Water and Woods building, next door to Power Play Sports.
      “Ideally,” said Magoon, “both businesses would be under one roof.” Magoon noted he simply doesn't have the room in his building (the former Jones Jewelry) to house both businesses.
      Magoon said he doesn't plan any major changes. Green Mountain Sports will still provide embroidery and screen printing. Longtime Green Mountain Sports employee Samantha Quad is moving to the new location as well. Magoon said her agreement to come along was important to the final deal, because of the knowledge of the business and the equipment she brings.
      He said the merger is a natural fit, since both businesses are in the same field, but specialize in different areas. Green Mountain Sports has long been strong in baseball and softball, while Power Play Sports focuses more on biking and lacrosse. Magoon said the embroidery and screen printing equipment is all set up, and they are still working out plans for the retail space in the front of the store. This, he said, could include moving team sports (like baseball and softball) supplies into the new Green Mountain Sports space. As Levesque pointed out, people purchasing uniforms will often pick up the necessary supplies as well.
      Magoon said he is excited to have the additional space. He said there is not much room to grow in his current location and bringing in the new business brings in additional income flow to justify the expansion.
      Levesque, who started Green Mountain Sports in 1984, said it was time for him to make a change. He said being able to sell to someone local was an important aspect to the decision to make the sale. He said he wanted to make sure Green Mountain Sports would continue to service its local and loyal customers.
      A zoning permit has already been filed to change the use of the former Green Mountain Sports location into office space for building owner, Union Bank.

Photo Caption: Caleb Magoon (left) and Rosaire Levesque have recently come to terms on the merger of Green Mountain Sports and Power Play Sports on Portland St. in downtown Morrisville.        Smith photo