Floyd Buck of Buck’s Furniture Retires

posted Feb 15, 2013, 5:45 AM by News & Citizen

   Floyd Buck, president of Buck’s Furniture in Wolcott, has announced that he plans to retire from day to day operations of Buck’s Furniture.  Floyd founded Buck’s Furniture with his wife Ruth in 1957.

Floyd, age 86, says that after 56 years of enjoying a business he loves, it is time to take a little more time off and pass the baton to his daughter Sandy and her husband Roger.

Floyd has seen many changes since April 1, 1957, starting as a general store, antiques, used furniture, hardware, clothing, guns and ammo and decades of growth to become the largest furniture store in Vermont with one of the largest selections in New England.  Now, Buck’s is like a furniture theme park with room after room after room full of America’s best brands, but there is no charge for admission.

In order to make the transition to the next generation smooth, Buck’s has started the biggest event in its history.  Everything must be liquidated, selling out to the bare walls, to raise some cash and give Roger and Sandy a clean slate for a new beginning.

During this event, please stop by say “hello” to Buck, reminisce, tell a story or two and meet Sandy and Roger if you have not.  We will be open every day and have extra staff to serve you.

Personally, Floyd wants to say “Thank You” to all the folks of Vermont, New Hampshire and New York that have made Buck’s a household name.  “It has been my joy to come to work every day, to buy and display the furniture, and to dicker and sell.”