Chamber Coupon Card Picking Up Steam

posted Mar 15, 2013, 5:42 AM by News & Citizen
by Mickey Smith

   More than 100 businesses are offering discounts through a coupon card put together by the Lamoille Region Chamber of Commerce (LRCC) and, after a soft opening, the Chamber is gearing up for a push to get the card out to community members.

Morgan Goodyear, program and membership manager for LRCC, said they wanted to get the card out for the holiday season and have slowly been building the offerings which can be used through the card.  For the month of March it is free for Chamber members to create a coupon for the site, and Goodyear is offering her services to set up the coupon to those businesses that feel they may not have the time or be technically savvy enough to create a coupon.

For the shopper, the card can be purchased online at, at the Chamber office on Pleasant Street or at Haymaker Card and Gifts. Goodyear said the North Central Vermont Recovery Center is selling the cards as well right now, as a fundraiser. Other such fundraisers are in the works, as they try to get the card out to more people.

For the month of March, the Chamber is offering to give half of the cost of the card to one of three charities for each card sold. People purchasing a card before March 31 can choose between the Lamoille Area Cancer Network, Clarina Howard Nichols Center or North Country Animal League to be the recipient of the donation.

Once a card has been purchased and registered online, people can print out coupons to be used at various businesses around the area. When printed, the coupons need to be used within 48 hours. They can also use their smart phones to show the coupon, but coupons can only be printed out and used once.

Card membership is good for one year and new coupons will be continuously added as businesses are encouraged to offer more than one deal and they are constantly looking for new offers.

For more information call Morgan Goodyear at the Lamoille Region Chamber of Commerce, 888-7607.


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