Published in News and Citizen 8-25-15

Two Sides of the Same Coin

    If you, like a lot of the populous, find yourself not identifying with either political party, I have an easy test for you to determine which party you subconsciously are most akin.  The test is simple; associate the following statements with either of the two most polarizing candidates stumping for the Presidency right now… answer, Bernie or Donald.
    His hair is so crazy he looks like a clown. That is not presidential.
    He’s popular because he says what a certain uninformed segment of the population wants to hear, but those smart enough to understand the issues realize his ideas will never work.
    Just wait until specific issues need to be debated, like foreign policy, then we will see how unready he is for the job. I wouldn’t want him representing us in a meeting with foreign heads of state.
    Scoring is simple, if you answered Donald more than Bernie you lean to the left, if you answered Bernie more than Donald you lean to the right.
    Until you get into specifics and call Donald a bigot, a woman-hater, a blowhard or say Bernie claims to be against greed but he wants to take the money I worked for through higher taxes, its hard to tell which candidate is being talked about. From the opposing party, they are perceived almost the same. They are the two sides of the anti-politician coin.
    They both are popular right now, much to the dismay of the opposite end of the political spectrum, because they appeal to that disillusioned segment of voters who can’t stand the career politicians who will do anything as long as the campaign donation is big enough.  They both have successfully, so far, dodged the point that they each come from that which they are often railing against.  Bernie is a career politician and Trump has never looked in the bargain bins to find the price tags of politicians.
    They each have a core of followers who are quite willing to overlook the shortcomings or past of their favorite of these two candidates because they are saying what they want to hear right now.
    We are in the early stages of the campaign; a time when those new and different views sound so unique the candidate’s numbers swell. As much as I dislike the length of the presidential campaign season, the one good thing that comes out of the next 15 or so months is a chance to see what ideas are able to grow legs and after much debate still seem like viable ideas.
    Here’s my 53 cents worth; both of these candidates will still be making headlines a year from now, talking the same way they are now.  Whether or not they win their party’s nomination has a lot to do with how those of you who split your answers between both candidates decide to vote.  The fringes are being heard from right now. Is there a candidate out there who speaks to the center? And can he or she come across as a unifier and not a waffler?  When that candidate appears I know I will have found for whom I am voting.
    Here’s a bonus result from the quiz; if you find yourself offended that I would associate your favorite of these two with the others… you definitely don’t have to question on which end of the political spectrum you find yourself.