Published in News and Citizen 1-20-15

Around Town

 Spring??! Naw, it’s just wishful thinking. Must be the prospect of Valentine’s Day is making me optimistic. Or maybe it is the seed catalogs that are arriving. As an actual matter of fact, this past weekend was the first I saw numbers of vehicles on the ice at Lake Elmore just three weeks or a little more before the Polar Plunge through the ice. I also saw a man out placing marker stakes for a snowmobile trail. Finally there seems to be enough snow for some travelling in that manner in our area. But, still, it seems like we have turned a corner and spring is almost in view. (It better be the firewood rows are lessening!)
    Nevertheless there is something about this time of the winter when the sun comes out – one just can’t help feeling a little bit better about everything. After all, the world is clean and white and there’s warmth in the sunshine. One might even wish our Legislature luck and a little more wisdom than normal! Best of all, there is a bit more time when the sun is out and we are not necessarily traveling home from work in the dark. I just checked and sunset is at 4:41 p.m. but some light lingers a few minutes... and that seems like enough to give us hope of spring!
    After all, beekeepers are also perusing catalogs and perhaps ordering their spring bees. Probably hoping for a better year this year. Likewise sugarmakers must be preparing pipeline and wondering if the sap will run early this year. It seems like more sugarmakers than ever are anticipating profit from maple and more sugar woods are being put into production.
    So, I guess there is no real point to this column, just stick your head out one of these sunny, if still short, days and see if you get a whiff of spring. It will help us last those extra weeks of winter we know we are going to get whatever the woodchuck says.