Published in News and Citizen 12-16-14

By The Way...

  By the way, I was conversing with my son-in-law who finished the police academy not too long ago. Quite surprisingly to me, he said he has never had a drug test. I mention this because I think we were discussing the case of the Chittenden County evidence officer who was recently arrested after being involved with drugs while managing the evidence locker at his police department. In these days of drug testing at any number of companies in private business, might one expect that police officers be drug tested? Certainly it would be a good idea to test the folks in charge of seized weapons and illicit drugs.
     Here’s a home test you can try. Here in Lamoille County I think it’s likely you have a friend who is a policeman; ask him if he has ever been drug tested? His answer might shed some light on why something like the recent arrest can happen. Think how awful it would be if a gun that had been sold or traded directly out of a police evidence locker was used in a school shooting? I have no idea what a drug test costs, but if there is any place to use this technology it must be in a police department.
     On a happier subject, Lamoille County managed to wedge itself between the snowflakes this past week. While the wet, icy nor’easter dumped a disaster on slightly more southerly central Vermont, it largely missed our home county. Here it deposited a perfect coat of  White Christmas on every limb and power line. Facebook friends sported photos from their home vantage points on about every page. Some people found the limits of “all season” tires as opposed to snow tires. Others struggled for days clearing snow from walkways and driveways. Meanwhile fantastic winter scenes of leaning birches and  laden softwoods made even a short drive a visual delight – if you could take your eyes of the road long enough. The too long delayed purchase of a battery for my 60 year old tractor left half my driveway unplowed for three days. By the grace of God, the snow had not yet frozen very hard once it was fixed, and it was still moveable! For my family that means Christmas will probably not only be gorgeous and white, but also reachable by vehicle at my house! Praise be! Merry Christmas and Happy Holidays to you all.