Published in News and Citizen 10-21-14

Covering Hyde Park Elementary School Vote

Guest Editorial
     By Mickey Smith

    Breaking one’s glasses may have moved to second on the list of most inopportune activities an editor can do just before putting together a paper.  Over the weekend, News & Citizen Editor J.B. McKinley fell and broke his arm.
     Pinch hitting this week, I’ll apologize in advance if something you sent in didn’t make it into the paper.
     The one thing J.B. wanted to make sure was in the paper was an assurance we would be covering the October 27 public meeting regarding the Hyde Park Elementary $18.3 million bond vote for school renovations.
     We will be sending a reporter and his report of the meeting will be in the issue dated November 4.  We realize this is the day of the vote, but J.B. wanted to remind residents of Hyde Park the paper is in stores Monday afternoon by about 4 p.m. (a little later the further you get from our Morristown office).
     We encourage interested readers to pick up a copy, as we hope many of the questions being asked by voters can be answered at the October 27 meeting.
     Of course, another great way to find out the answers to questions you might have is to attend the October 27 meeting, 6:30 p.m. tour of the campus and informational meeting at 7 p.m.